Weekend Thought by Christine Paine

I LOVE the early days of January.

Having passed the longest night of the year, we can look forward to days that can only get lighter and longer.

Very soon, despite the possible threat of cold and frosty weather, we shall see signs of new life.

Life would be very boring if nothing ever changed, but we may sometimes feel that change happens too slowly, if at all.

We may, of course, like things the way they are.

Could it be that once we are saved, nothing else will happen?

Scripture implies that change is continual. Sometimes change may accelerate following a revelation. I believe that God can change anything he needs to change – as long as we agree with him.

Many who think they have embraced the truth and refuse to deal in lies go on to realise that believing things that are not true is really quite common.

This can come as a revelation to otherwise good Christian folk who acknowledge that God can change them, but who think, in their case, he can only do so much ...

Small children take on board what they are told by those who instruct them.

However, it may be necessary in later life to reassess everything we are told, in the light of the love of Christ.

This is an on-going process which requires faith and determination on our part.

If he shows us an area of life where the truth has not been allowed to prevail, for whatever reason, we must honour him by showing real faith, and watch him change us little by little.

He changes the seasons, we should let him change us. Exercise some faith. His arm is long enough.

It may be true to say we can’t, but it is also true to say that he can.

Philippians 4:13 says it all: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”