Weekend Thought by Brian Pearson

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Airport security is now so much more stringent than it was years ago.

Most of us appreciate that this is for our own safety and put up with it, but it can be stressful. Last time we were returning from holiday, the airport security checks seemed to go on and on.

Coats off, shoes off, belts off – even then, you can still get caught out with something you forgot about.

The bottom line is any metal on your person and you are not going home until it is dealt with. No amount of arguing will change the rules.

So many of us think of heaven as our final home and may spend time wondering what it will be like, but are we prepared for the journey?

Ever thought about the checks that will be carried out before you can go? The Bible tells us that nothing that is sinful can ever enter.

Our God is absolutely holy and no sin can dwell in his presence.

Perhaps we feel that we are not sinful; sin is surely theft, or murder, adultery or some awful crime and we do not do these things, we live a good life and try to help other people.

This is fine of course, and is the kind of life we should be living, but what about the things others cannot see?

Jesus taught that sinful things going on in our thoughts need to be dealt with, too. God knows our thoughts. As we undergo his final checks, what is he going to find? If all our sins have to be dealt with before going to heaven, and they do, there is only one answer, and Jesus has provided it.

If our sin is to be found and dealt with, then faith in the sinless Son of God to bear our sins away is the solution, only then can we “fly”.

Remember, you cannot board the flight until you are pronounced clean.