Weekend Thought by Brian Pearson

“It will be alright on the night.” This is the usual saying when participants are not as well prepared for a stage performance as they should be.

Lines have not been learned, or there has been insufficient rehearsal.

Sports teams that do not put in the right amount of practice might think: “It will be alright on the night,” but it never is.

“That will do, it will be alright,” is not the attitude we should take when packing for a holiday. Arriving at the airport and finding you have left your passport behind means you are going nowhere, and who has not arrived at their destination to find something vital has been left at home?

If we want things to be alright then we need to ensure that they will be. Some things need careful consideration and forethought in this life, but what about the next?

The most important thing in this life is preparing for the next. With regard to eternity, what could be more important than ensuring we are heading in the right direction?

We would not undertake a journey here to somewhere we had not been before with no satnav or map and just think we will make it somehow, it will be alright in the end. So why do we do that with the next life?

The Bible says God sent his son Jesus to make it possible for man to enter Heaven. He died so we might be forgiven and rose again from the dead, ascending to glory to prepare us a home there.

If we want to be certain of that home, then we must put our faith and trust in him, for he only is the way.

If we want it to be “alright on the night” then we had better make sure that we know the way, and that we are on the right road.