Weekend thought: Andy Murray

Along with millions, I’ve just spent a whole afternoon watching one man – well, two really, Andy Murray had to have an opponent.

I admired his skill, moaned at his faults and cheered his achievements as he won. We had watched him lose in the past as he gave way to his own emotions.

We knew he had it in him to win but when he dwelt on himself and the pain of failure, he lost. However, he came back and won – convincingly.

A very different picture but this reminded me of Jesus. His disciples cheered and groaned and wept with him when the “game” of his life appeared to be totally lost in death.

He fought to the bitter end but the opposing power of authorities, religious blindness, fear and jealousy won. His audience must have been the most disheartened and disappointed ever.

This fight was not physical or mental strength pitted against another equally skilled. This was part of the eternal fight between good and evil.

We know that Jesus also made a comeback. His world-wide impact changed history and even our own calendar proves it.

The great difference in this analogy between tennis and Jesus is that there will be another fight for supremacy at Wimbledon in July 2014 whereas Jesus has won for eternity.

However, skirmishes go on all over the world as those who believe in him and live by his rules are being ridiculed, evicted, punished, starved, tortured and even killed. Why?

Evil is still present, deluding our minds and blinding our eyes. We all know it is “sophisticated” not to believe in God.

But, one day every eye will see and every knee will bow as Jesus makes the ultimate comeback.

That will be the greatest comeback ever.