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The world rejoiced on July 22, 2013, when Prince George was born at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

He immediately became third in line to the throne of Great Britain and the whole of the Commonwealth. His destiny is to reign. He was born to be king.

The bells at Westminster Abbey pealed for three hours and there was a 41-gun salute to announce the birth. It was headline news around the world that a prince had been born.

The Sun changed its name to The Son in honour of the important arrival. The Guardian’s headline was: “A birth, a boy, a prince, a king.”

The birth of baby George could not have been more different from the birth of Jesus, who is the king of kings. When Jesus was born, his birth was announced by angels to the shepherds, who spread the good news.

The wise men followed a star to Bethlehem to see the child. The purpose of this birth was that Jesus came to die.

When he died on a cross to take away our sins, he rose from the grave and ascended to heaven with a promise that he would return for all those who believed and trusted in him.

Prince George comes from a royal line of Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and the line of the other Georges. Jesus comes from a royal line of King David, from which we are told would come the messiah.

There are many prophecies that foretold his coming, of which all have been fulfilled – except one, which is when he comes the second time.

Jesus is the saviour of the world. “You shall call his name, for he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21.

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