Weekend Thought

“See you later” – a common way of saying good bye but, up until 20 years ago, it could mean something else.

When someone first used these words to me, I thought they meant that they would be over for a visit later that day.

A few weeks back, my daughter and most of her family went down with a tummy bug, and we were phoned to ask if we could purchase disinfectant and some other vital supplies in their hour of need.

So we took a trip to our local supermarket and purchased the necessary supplies. On leaving the store, the young woman at the checkout said those same words: “See you later.”

As it was already around 9.30pm, and me a social hours shopper, I said to my husband: “I jolly well hope not.”

But no sooner were we on our way again when a text message arrived from my daughter, saying: “Could we also have antibacterial hand wash if you get this message in time.”

So on this occasion, those words rung true and, less that five minutes later, I was back at the checkouts once more. I couldn’t help smiling, but chose a different cashier.

Jesus said similar words just before he left our world. He said: “I will come again, as you have seen me go.”

He also told us to be ready for this occasion, so what do we need to do to be ready? It’s quite simple.

Accept that God loves you. Believe that Jesus died to take the punishment which you deserved, and confess that you have done wrong and are sorry.

Then you will be ready to meet the one who created everything, and who sent his son Jesus to die in your place.