Weekend Thought

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. How often have we said to ourselves: “If only I had known?”

If only I’d known that I needed to get a ticket when I used the car park, I wouldn’t have had to pay a fine. If only I’d known that it was going to rain, I’d have taken an umbrella.

It’s all too easy to be wise after the event, to look back and see how we could have been better prepared.

It can be all the more frustrating as such actions are not things we are incapable of doing. The key element is the timing. We need to have our resources to hand at the time, because afterwards it’s too late.

What’s true for us on Earth in our everyday lives is also true when we come to think about heaven.

We don’t like thinking about death very much, particularly our own, but on days like Sunday, when we remember those who have lost their lives, we’re reminded of our own mortality.

The Bible tells us that Jesus will return one day, but we don’t know when because God cannot be held to a human timetable.

We can trust Jesus’ promise that he will return, but we need to focus on keeping our faith alive more than trying to pin him down to a date in a calendar.

The results of not preparing for life’s ordinary events may not be too momentous. The consequences of not being ready for the Lord’s return are far more serious.

We can make it our aim to stay close to Jesus, using every opportunity to forgive others and receive forgiveness, be willing to worship and be thankful for his grace, day by day.

In so doing, we will be ready on that final day when he calls us by name.