Weekend Thought

I wonder if any of you possess things that are used in some way they were not designed for?

I have a folded wire clothes hanger, which is used to pull out tea trays that slip between the top of the fridge and the kitchen work surface.

I have used a thick pen to support a white board. Perhaps this is just a quirk of a certain generation accustomed to making do and mending.

This summer, my wife and I decided that we could no longer dig our back garden to grow potatoes.

After some deliberation, we decided to level the ground, put plastic membrane down and cover most of the garden with small stones. They are honey coloured and look very pleasing.

However, to our horror, we discovered they were the approximate size and appearance of cat litter.

The local moggies must be in some kind of cat toilet heaven as we are continually finding little deposits left by a grateful feline (or two).

It makes me want to shout at the trespassing felines: “That is not what it is for.”

Our rivers were not meant to be for shopping trollies or old bicycles; our pavements were not meant to be festooned with chewing gum; our gutters were not meant to the resting place for fast food containers.

Our children are not meant to sworn at, and our neighbours are not meant to be ignored.

I believe that we were put here on earth to make a difference for the better.

As Jesus once said: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself.”

Now that is what we are meant for.