Weekend Thought

Politicians always keep their promises. Inland Revenue are always correct in their assessments. Junk mail will, one day, cease. Cold-calling can be stopped.

A chocolate will be invented that does not make your clothes shrink. The European Union will stop interfering in our governance.

The house building programme will eliminate homelessness. Financial institutions will self-regulate themselves back to probity and prosperity.

The tooth fairy will compensate you for the loss of your teeth and Santa Claus is alive and well in Lapland.

We will greet nearly all of the above with some degree of scepticism yet there will be those who would not dismiss them all as hogwash. That is because the human race has a unique gift, unknown to the animal kingdom – the gift of hope.

In spite of discouragements, we continue to hope that tomorrow will be better.

The Bible says that there are three qualities which are indispensable – faith, hope and love. In what do we hope?

If we put our trust and hope in fallible humans or institutions, we shall continue to be disappointed and our hope will wither.

If we hope in God, who will one day return to put this sick and sad old world together again, then we can go on.

In the midst of this constant change, Christians can place hope in the imminent return of Jesus Christ, who is “the same yesterday, today and forever”.