Weekend thought

At the present time, many Christians are deeply concerned about the changes being made to traditional concepts of marriage.

Over the past 10 months, I have heard two trustworthy believers in positions of leadership say that they thought that the new marriage laws would go through, whether we liked it or not, and that we would continue to follow Jesus, no matter what changes took place because he did not change and neither did his ways, his love or his purpose.

In many parts of the church, we have just celebrated the coming of God’s holy spirit. Before this momentous evening in church history, Jesus gathered his followers together in an attempt to prepare them for his imminent departure. They had become so dependant on him as a teacher and constant companion that his departure seemed unthinkable.

Who would lead them, teach them and prepare them for the future? Who would continue the ministry of healing?

In John, chapter 14, we see Jesus go through some pretty basic stuff with them. Did they really not understand that they had actually seen God at work in the miracles of Jesus? The really pivotal bombshell comes in verse 12 when Jesus suggests that his followers would do even greater things than they had seen him do.

He told them that he would send them another comforter, not merely as compensation for his departure but in order that they might continue the great work of salvation that God had initiated through him. He clearly implied that what looked like a sad loss would turn out to be a limitless blessing.

Jesus the messiah said that he was due to return at some point, and now here we are in a position when the removal of the familiar makes us feel insecure.

This is surely the moment to embrace the comforter and carry on with the work of the good news, so that as many people as a possible are given the chance to acknowledge Jesus as lord, saviour and as God’s anointed.

by Christine Paine