“We’ve done no wrong”

A COUPLE criticised for keeping cockerels – said to wake up neighbours at 4am – have hit back.

Long Melford landlord Steve Fitzgerald has been involved in a running dispute about the number of chickens, cockerels and other birds being kept in a garden in Cordell Place.

He claimed more than 100 birds were proving a nuisance to his tenants at a neighbouring property and other residents in the street.

But Terri and Ted Farrow, who own the birds, have said the criticism is unfair.

“We live in a rural village and have always asked our neighbours if the chickens are a problem,” said Mrs Farrow.

“The birds are kept locked away until 7.30am and I have never heard them crowing any earlier than that.”

The 43-year-old said the couple had never kept as many as 100 birds and normally had between 40 and 50 in the three sheds and pens in their garden.

“We have chickens for eggs and some for the table,” said Mrs Farrow, who has lived in Cordell Place for 16 years. “Lots of people come to see us for their eggs and we keep the garden neat and tidy.”

Mr Farrow said the dispute over chickens was the latest issue in a four-year feud with Mr Fitzgerald.

“It is one thing after another and we just want to be left to get on with our lives,” he said.

A Babergh spokesman said attempts to resolve the dispute were ongoing.