‘We feel like an open target’

ACTION NEEDED: Alice Wood with mum Kate Butler in Bridge Street.
ACTION NEEDED: Alice Wood with mum Kate Butler in Bridge Street.

Improved safety measures are desperately needed on a village road before someone is injured or killed, say villagers.

People in Bures say they feel vulnerable when walking along Bridge Street due to speeding cars, the treacherous bend and narrow pavements. Vehicles have already hit properties in the street.

“The next time, it could be a person and not a house,” said Kate Butler, from Water Lane.

“It is a great concern as the pavement is impossibly narrow and lots of people use it.”

Mrs Butler’s daughter, Alice Wood, uses the road daily to walk her sons – aged eight, five and three – to Bures Primary School and Noah’s Ark Nursery.

“I must walk that way eight times a day and I feel like we are an open target,” said Mrs Wood.

“It doesn’t take much for people to misjudge the bend and they don’t have to be doing any great speed.

“It can be quite hairy along there and it’s very dangerous with children.”

The pair said plans by the parish council to enforce parking restrictions on the road could make the problem worse, as vehicles lining the street currently slowed vehicles down.

“It is only a matter of time before someone is hit,” said Mrs Wood, who plans on starting a petition calling for action.

David Lee, chairman of Bures Parish Council, said a meeting with Essex County Council’s highways officials had been held last week to discuss the matter.

He said widening the pavement and putting in a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road were being considered, although plans for a mini-roundabout had been ruled out.

“Road safety has always been a prime concern of the council and I trust that funding will be made available for these measures,” said Mr Lee, from Maltings Close, Bures.

“We will continue to do all we can to keep speed down in the village.”