Villagers relieved as travellers evicted

BAILIFFS evicted travellers from a village playing field after concerned residents forced the site’s landowners into a u-turn.

Travellers set up home on the Recreation Ground in Newton three weeks ago, leading to an outcry from worried villagers to get them off the land, which is used for fetes and community events, as quickly as possible.

Initially, Newton Green Trust, which owns the land, ruled out using force and instead opted to obtain an eviction notice through the courts – a process that can take four weeks.

However, following an emergency parish council meeting at the village hall, where angry residents expressed bewilderment at the trust’s stance, the organisation chose to call in bailiffs.

An eviction notice was served on Tuesday and, by Friday, the travellers and their 12 caravans vacated the field.

Lee Parker, secretary of Newton Green Trust, said the decision was made with the thoughts of villagers in mind.

“After the meeting, members of the trust got together and reviewed our position,” he said.

“We decided we could not ignore the depth of feeling and abandoned the legal process in favour of a speedy eviction.

“We had to make sure the best was done for the residents and the village as a whole. People are mightily relieved this episode is over.”

For the full story see last week’s Free Press.