Village ‘sex pest’ warning to mothers turns out to be hoax

Latest community news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest community news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
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Police have reassured people that reports of an escaped prisoner being on the loose in Cavendish were a hoax.

On Tuesday, reports surfaced on Facebook, a social networking website, that a “known sex offender” had skipped court and was in Cavendish.

It prompted a flurry of messages and warnings, mostly posted by worried mothers, telling others to be careful.

But police said the reports were not true and it was, in fact, all a hoax.

Detective Sergeant Jack Blowers, from Suffolk Police, said: “Police received a call at around 11am on Tuesday relating to a rumour that an escaped prisoner was heading for a school in Cavendish.

“This allegation was investigated and found to have no substance and appeared to be the result of a malicious hoax.

“I would like to reassure people in the area that there is no such person at large and there is nothing to be concerned about.”

The reports said a mother had witnessed a man grabbing the hand of her pre-school daughter outside Cavendish Primary School and refused to let go. The man, described as in his 60s and carrying a satchel, then made comments about the girl.

It said the incident prompted a meeting at the school with parents.

But a spokeswoman for Cavendish Primary School said the reports were “complete nonsense”.

A police spokeswoman said: “There is no truth in it at all. This was a hoax.”