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Village in a flap over fate of loud pesky peacocks


The fate of a peacock - or possibly three - are in the hands villagers after a formal complaint was received about the “nuisance” birds in Boxford.

Now Boxford Parish Council has asked residents to put their comments on the matter in writing by end of October, after which the bird’s fate will be decided.

Parish council chairman Julian Fincham-Jacques said the council had received a complaint about the birds, but appreciated that there would be differing opinions about it, so the council wanted to hear from people in writing in order to decide what to do.

“No-one seems to know who owns the birds, and where they come from. In fact, we are not even sure how many there are,” he said.

“We don’t know if there is just one bird, which manages to get all around the village, or perhaps there are three of them.

“There is one that hangs around the village hall, and then people say they have seen peacocks in Fen Street and Ash Street.

“We know this issue is going to divide opinion but, as we received a long letter of complaint, we decided it was up to the villagers to let us know what they think about the birds.

“We will decide what happens to them based on the letters we receive, either in favour of them staying or going. If people want the birds to leave, we need to work out what to do.”

He added: “We would like to know any information about the ownership of the birds.”

Mr Fincham-Jacques said the letter of complaint cited noise and mess, among many other things.

He said villagers must get their letters to Boxford Parish Council at Bell House in Stone Street by Monday October 31 in time for the next parish council meeting in early November.

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