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VIDEO: Watch out! Queen’s Guards coming through - Suffolk man’s video goes viral

By Peter Gudde

Gerry Weatherhead almost knocked over by the Queen's Guards
Gerry Weatherhead almost knocked over by the Queen's Guards

You better be on your guard when the Queen’s Guards are coming through, these guys aren’t stopping for anything, as a Suffolk tourist found out.

Now the video of 58-year-old retired RAF engineer Gerry Weatherhead almost getting knocked over by the guards has gone viral. He and his wife were in London watching Trooping of the Colour for the Queen’s birthday when the incident took place.

Mr Weatherhead, from Haverhill, is now a part-time freelance photographer and said he was amazed that the video had gone viral, with more than 1.5million views.

He said: “I didn’t hear them coming until it was too late. My wife and I go to London about once a month. I do a lot of photography and like to take pictures.

“We had always wanted to see the Trooping of the Colour, my father had been in the Grenadier Guards.

“We watched the Royal Family go past. On the way back, we cut through St James’ Park, and that’s where the incident occurred.

If I’d broken my camera or hurt myself, what would I do? Would I sue the Queen?
Gerry Weatherhead

“The first thing I knew about it, a red tunic was barging me in the back.

“I was actually in the process of handing my camera to my wife so I could go to the toilet.

“I think it’s strange. On a summer’s day on a public footpath, you’d have thought someone would have shouted out something. If I was elderly or walking with a stick, who knows what could have happened. If I’d broken my camera or hurt myself, what would I do? Would I sue the Queen?

“I’m ex military myself. If someone’s in the way, you just give them a shout.

“A lot of people on the website think I’m stupid or that it was a stunt.”

Mr Weatherhead has received a lot of media attention since video of the incident went viral on YouTube. He has been fielding interviews with the London Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and ITV, as well as this newspaper.

“I’m not a celebrity,” Mr Weatherhead said. “All the attention is a bit strange. No doubt, it will all blow over in a couple of days. I might even get a late mention in the Queen’s birthday honours. My wife and I have had a good laugh about it but, mainly, I just feel embarrassed.”

Mr Weatherhead said he harboured no ill will at all towards the soldiers and that he had nothing but respect for them and the job they do.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t paying enough attention,” he added. “I just hope I didn’t spoil their day.”

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