TV sets dumped

THE digital switchover is being blamed for a marked increase in the number of televisions being thrown away.

Recent figures show that from January to July this year over 73,000 sets have been taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres across Suffolk, with 5,442 televisions ditched at the centre in Sudbury and 2,317 in Hadleigh.

Suffolk County Council is reminding people that they don’t need to throw away their old televisions to ensure it continues to work when the whole county goes digital on November 9 - they simply need to buy a digibox.

Lisa Chambers, portfolio holder for waste at the county council, said that although sets taken to the centres would be recycled, people could save themselves money.

“People who don’t want the expense of buying a new television can buy a digibox and continue to use their old set,” she said.

“This is a much cheaper option and at the same time helps to reduce waste.”

Suffolk is one of the top recycling areas in the country and is aiming to recycle 60 per cent of its household waste by 2015.