Trial bus service approved to run for another 12 months

An axed bus service reintroduced following complaints from residents has been given the go-ahead to run for another year.

The Hadleigh to Ipswich evening and Sunday bus service was brought back on a trial basis in the summer.

Due to its popularity with passengers, the service, which is run by Hadleigh Community Transport Group, has won approval to operate for a further 12 months.

Brian Riley, a district councillor for Hadleigh who campaigned for the return of the service after it was cut by Suffolk County Council, said it was good to have it back on a more secure footing following a six-month trial.

“This service will be very useful, especially in the summer months when people are more likely to be out in the evenings for social purposes,” said Mr Riley, from Benton Street.

More than 3,500 people signed a petition calling for the number 90 bus service to be reintroduced after it was axed in 2011.

Concerns were raised that residents in the town would miss out on evening classes, jobs and entertainment.

Mr Riley said that although the service was currently safe, passengers needed to keep using it.

“It has been extended for another year and is safe for the time being,” he said.

“But we still can’t relax as this could become an issue again and I want to remind people to use it or lose it.”

The decision to extend the service was taken by Suffolk County Council.