Travellers fail to leave land

TRAVELLERS have ignored a notice to leave land in Sudbury they have occupied for two weeks.

Six caravans, cars and a tent set up camp on a site opposite a children’s play area and homes in Aubrey Drive on August 2.

The encampment, consisting of about 20 people, sparked outcry from residents, who complained the noise of generators was keeping them up at night, traveller children were fighting with youngsters in the area and waste was being left on the land.

A case conference at Babergh District Council decided the camp should be removed. A direction to leave notice was issued to the travellers on Friday and they were due to move on by 1pm on Tuesday.

But on Wednesday the group remained on the land owned by Suffolk County Council and residents fear more travellers are arriving.

On the Free Press facebook page Adrian Stohr said the group had expanded to include more than 40 people.

“The community is getting larger and the caravans are being situated to make way for more in a circle,” he said.

Peter Clifford, chairman of Chilton Parish Council, said the encampment grew to nine caravans over the weekend, but currently stood at seven.

“We have been in contact with residents and kept them regularly updated,” he said.

The travellers said they would leave the land yesterday afternoon but if this is not the case, a court hearing seeking an eviction notice will be held on Monday.