Travellers are on the move

TRAVELLERS have set up camp on Newton Green playing field.

The group of 12 caravans arrived at the field behind the village hall, in Church Road, at about 8pm on Thursday.

Lee Parker, secretary of the Newton Green Trust, which owns the land, said: “Newton has never experienced anything like this before – it has come as quite a shock to everyone.

“Newton Green Trust is working very closely with the parish council to allay residents’ fears and a bulletin board has been set up on the council website to provide information.

“The priority for the trust is the residents of Newton, and making sure the travellers are evicted as soon as possible.

“We have appointed a solicitor to start the legal process of eviction and are keeping a daily check on the number of caravans.”

It is believed the travellers had previously occupied sites at Chilton and the former airfield at Waldingfield.

Peter Daniel, gypsy and traveller liaison officer at Suffolk County Council, said: “Myself and an accommodation support worker have visited the site and we are working with the trust to form a solution. It is ongoing and we are assisting and giving the trust advice.”

A spokesman for Babergh District Council said: “We are advising the trust as part of a multi-agency team, including the county’s traveller liaison officer, as to its options as the landowner concerned.”