Transport plan delayed by election

Discussions over solutions to some of Sudbury’s most pressing transport issues have been held up by the build-up to today’s county council election.

The Local Transport Plan, which includes proposals for ways to spend £460,000 of Suffolk County Council money to improve traffic flows, pedestrian crossings and junctions, was submitted to Suffolk County Council officers by the Sudbury Pilot Steering Group in March.

Councillor Tony Platt raised the issue of the plan’s progress at Tuesday’s Sudbury Town Council highways and footpaths committee meeting, with a view to updating members on any feedback received from Suffolk County Council.

Sue Brotherwood, town clerk, said: “It all depends on who gets elected on Thursday. If there’s a change of colour at Suffolk County Council then who knows what could happen.”

Councillor Nigel Bennett added that the portfolio holder for transport could change which would inevitably lead to some delays in getting feedback from council officers.

The issue of a relief road around Sudbury to reduce the number of HGVs in the town centre, which is included in the Local Transport Plan’s vision up to 2031, was also discussed.

Mr Platt told members that Suffolk County Council had objected to a relief road being built for Halstead, which contributed to Braintree District Council removing the road from its plans for the area up to 2026.

He said: “Suffolk County Council said there would be an increase in heavy traffic through Sudbury, so it is a double whammy, as Essex doesn’t want a Sudbury relief road as there would then be more through Halstead.”