Traffic plans to be revised

PLANS to introduce traffic calming measures in Bures are set to go back to the drawing board after opposition from residents.

Bures Parish Council had been exploring widening the pavement in Bridge Street in a bid to reduce speeding and enable villagers to cross the road more safely.

The council also proposed putting in bollards and a dropped kerb, with the work being funded by Suffolk County Council.

However, these measures are now unlikely to get the go-ahead after residents raised concerns about the chosen crossing point being too dangerous.

At a meeting on Thursday, councillors agreed to send the plans for the crossing back to the county council’s highway department in an attempt to find another solution.

Council clerk Anne Taylor said: “Representations from villagers showed they were worried this wasn’t a safe place to cross the road so we have asked the county council to reconsider the plans.”

Last month, Rick Fornalski, who lives in Bridge Street, claimed the work would be a “misuse” of money and bring traffic on the already busy road to a standstill.

But Mrs Taylor said the option to extend the width of a section of pavement in the road could not be ruled out and traffic calming measures were still being considered.

“The highways department believed this was the best option and we will have to wait and see what else it comes up with,” she said.