Town Team to support council’s new position

Jane Hatton
Jane Hatton

The future of the Sudbury Town Team was raised at its meeting on Wednesday, May 11.

As money runs out for Jane Hatton’s role as town team manager, Sudbury Town Council is looking at the possibility of employing a person to manage events it organises, including the Christmas Light Switch On and Party in the Park.

They would also liaise with local businesses and develop relations between Sudbury Town Council and the businesses in Sudbury.

Members at the meeting were told no job specification had been drawn up but the council would like to have someone in place by the end of 2016 and there could be some cross over with what the Town Team are currently doing.

Sam Bawden, Town Team chairman, said: “The Town Team agreed that they would continue to maintain the See and Do Sudbury website which has shown to make a difference and especially with promoting what is happening in Sudbury.

“We will also continue producing articles in numerous publications to promote Sudbury, support groups where possible such as promoting Art about Town, put on the successful Taste of Sudbury Food and Drink Festival and be a point of contact for businesses in Sudbury if they have any concerns, but would not take on any further projects.

“There is still a need for this co-ordinating and promotional role for Sudbury and the current arrangements allow this to continue and to support Sudbury moving into the future.

“The Town Team look forward to a positive and constructive working arrangement with the new appointment and the Town Council generally.

“Where possible we have offered support to assist the Sudbury Town Council in making this appointment as the success of this role is important to both the business and wider community in the town.”