Town ready for judging day in Anglia in Bloom

As the arrival of the Anglia in Bloom judges draws closer, Sudbury is better prepared than ever to challenge for awards.

Borders, flower beds, troughs and roundabouts will all be painstakingly inspected when the floral competition’s experts visit the town on Thursday.

Beginning at Belle Vue Park, the judges will be met by members of the Sudbury in Bloom committee before being shown around various areas and finishing with lunch at the Mill Hotel.

Committee chairman Nick Irwin, who last year criticised the town for being weed-infested and claimed preparations were left to the last minute, said he had been impressed with efforts this time around.

“I think this year everything is much more organised,” said Mr Irwin.

“Most of the town centre has been weed killed and is looking good.”

Businesses have backed the town’s bid for glory in the contest, which seeks out examples of floral excellence driven by community spirit, and have been involved in funding blooms for King Street roundabout and troughs outside Borehamgate Precinct.

Mr Irwin said he believed the town could replicate its silver gilt award of last year, but was unlikely to end its decade long wait for gold.

“I think gold may just be too much as we don’t focus on just the flowers,” he said. “We work on the BMX park and allotments and try to do things that will be a benefit throughout the year.”

During the course of their tour, the judges will visit the Kingfisher Leisure Centre to view the edible planting flower beds created by Transition Sudbury and the biodiversity trail, which opened earlier this year.

Jacqui Howells, who has been involved in the Sudbury in Bloom committee for five years, said she was hopeful a top award could be achieved.

“We have a very small committee of about eight members and there is a lot of work involved,” she said.

“It would be good to get a few more volunteers to ease the burden. It is very rewarding work and we want the town to look good all year round to improve the quality of life for people.”

The result will not be known until September when awards for Anglia in Bloom are announced.