Town could host dalmatian book festival in 2014

Plans for a 101 Dalmatians-themed literature festival in Sudbury have been presented to Sudbury Town Council.

Jonathan Moore, who runs Sudbury charity development agency Volution, is keen to hold an annual event, centred around Sudbury’s appearance in Dodi Smith’s classic story, which could feature talks from authors, school links and outdoor film screenings.

Speaking at Sudbury Town Council’s leisure and environment committee last week, Mr Moore said: “I think Sudbury would really benefit from holding a children’s literature and activity festival.”

He suggested holding the inaugural festival in September 2014 and said he was yet to approach Mrs Smith’s estate.

“One idea is an al fresco film showing of 101 Dalmatians. I’d like to invite The Dalmatians Welfare Group to bring 101 dalmatians for a literary dog show,” he said.

Councillors Nigel Bennett, Jack Owen and Jan Osborne said they supported the idea but warned Mr Moore about the level of organisation and possible cost pressures associated with such an event.

The council agreed to support the festival in principle.