Town centre traffic grinds to halt as main thoroughfare is closed

Sudbury drivers endured gridlock in scorching temperatures this week as a power cable fault resulted in the closure of a main road.

Gainsborough Street was closed from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon, with traffic from all routes into town being diverted from Market Hill and Station Road down a clogged Friars Street.

UK Power Networks said it was an emergency underground fault which meant the pavement had to be dug up in Gainsborough Street and the road closed for safety reasons.

As a result, five householders and business owners in the road were left without power for two-and-a-half hours.

In January, similar traffic problems occurred when Gainsborough Street was closed for two days as National Grid installed a domestic gas supply.

Friars Street resident Patrick Crew said he and his neighbours were not informed about the road closure, which resulted in considerable extra traffic along his street.

“I heard that lots of parents were late getting their children from school on Monday afternoon after getting stuck in traffic,” he said.

UK Power Networks confirmed that further road closures will take place in Church Street during August to bury overhead power lines. Diversions will be put in place along Plough Lane and Cross Street.

Mr Crew added: “The problem as always is HGVs. There is no simple solution to traffic problems other than trying to minimise heavy traffic using the A road through Sudbury to Halstead and Braintree.”