Tour sheds light on how town artist lived

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The first in a series of guided walks giving an insight into the people and places that make Sudbury what it is today has been hailed a success.

Sudbury Tourist Information Centre’s newly-launched themed walks were kicked off on Saturday with Strolling in Gainsborough’s Footsteps.

Despite problematic weather conditions, more than 20 people explored the streets where the famous artist Thomas Gainsborough spent some of his life from 1727 to 1788.

“We had a very good turnout and had some really positive feedback about the day,” said Sudbury tourism officer Susan Gale.

Professional guides acted in character and dressed in 18th century costume throughout the walk, which also looked into how some of Gainsborough’s painting influenced how Sudbury was shaped.

Further themed walks are planned throughout the year. For more information, call 01787 881320.