Top priorities on highways issues

The introduction of a 20mph speed limit and more designated parking for the disabled are among the key issues which need to be tackled in Sudbury.

Members of Sudbury Town Council’s highways and footpaths committee were asked to discuss a list of four top concerns on the town’s roads on Tuesday by Suffolk County Council. The topics included proposals for more taxi parking in King Street, extra disabled spaces in Gaol Lane, a new 20mph speed limit and the widening of the footpath in Gainsborough Street.

The changes could be made as part of the Local Transport Plan, if deemed necessary by the county council, which has set aside a budget of £460,000 to be spent by 2015 on improving traffic flow and highway problems in Sudbury.

Deputy town council clerk Jacqui Howells said police had contacted the council about a growing problem of taxis and disabled drivers parking behind St Peter’s on the corner of King Street.

Councillor Lesley Ford-Platt said a recent increase in taxis could be to blame.

“Does anyone else think there are too many taxis in Sudbury, they seem to be everywhere,” she said.

An email from councillor Jack Owen also pointed out that many disabled badge holders often parked on double yellow lines outside Santander bank.

Chairman of the committee Tony Platt said a 20mph speed limit was one of the main things the council wanted, but the county council said this option was unlikely to be discussed until spring next year.

“I see the immediate priorities as disabled and taxi parking, the 20mph limit and then Gainsborough Street,” he said.

Councillors said there was a possibility of creating two disabled spaces in Gaol Lane and extra taxi parking in North Street.

Members added that traffic problems around Belle Vue roundabout, Great Eastern Road and the redirection of traffic from East Street and Waldingfield Road to Newton Road also required action.

A Local Transport Planning meeting is due to be held on September 24 at Sudbury Town Hall.