Three-legged dog ‘ripped about’ by duo in attack

DOG ATTACK: Boxford Playing Fields where Pookie was injured.
DOG ATTACK: Boxford Playing Fields where Pookie was injured.

The owner of a three-legged dog left needing veterinary care after a savage dog attack has called for owners to be more responsible.

Seven-year-old Jack Russell Pookie suffered injuries to her stomach after being set upon by two dogs at Boxford Playing Field last Tuesday.

Her owner, Sally Jenkinson, said the attack, which was carried out by “pitbull-type” dogs, had resulted in Pookie spending the night at a vets – and left her with a £518 bill.

“It was a vicious attack,” said Mrs Jenkinson, from Ellis Street, Boxford.

“As soon as I got up to the field, the dogs honed in on Pookie. Two of them attacked, while the other one stood back.”

Mrs Jenkinson said the dogs were off their leads and their owner had been unable to stop the attack, which took place at around 5.30pm.

She had to intervene to prevent more serious injuries to her pet – and emerged from the incident covered in Pookie’s blood.

“It is a concern as the field is very close to a play area and this could have been a child,” said Mrs Jenkinson.

“This sort of thing seems to be happening more and more and it is not the dogs’ fault, it is the owners. The dogs need to be kept on a lead.”

Fellow dog walker Moira Simpson said the attack had caused some anxiety among people in Boxford.

“A lot of the villagers are now quite nervous about taking their dogs up there,” said Mrs Simpson, from Canhams Road, Great Cornard, who has Afghan hounds.

“It is a community thing as normally all the dogs play together, but Pookie was ripped about and Sally had to beat the other dogs off.

“She was very lucky she did not get hurt herself.”

Mrs Jenkinson said the attack had left its mark on Pookie, although she had been allowed to leave the vets and return home on Wednesday.

“She will not go outside, even in the garden, and is very scared,” she said.

“She is normally quite bright but is a bit subdued. I don’t know if she will ever fully recover.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Police said the attack had been reported, and the dog owner spoken to by officers.

She said the owner had offered to pay Mrs Jenkinson’s vet bill as part of a community resolution and would look into ways to control her pets, including having them muzzled.