This is not what we wanted, say Boxford residents

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Parish councillors have expressed their disappointment that a village road has been resurfaced using a “heritage dressing” rather than a black Tarmac surface they requested.

A Suffolk County Council contractor was forced to relay the road this week after the council admitted the wrong stones had been used in the first resurfacing when red gravel stone chips were put down rather than granite ones.

Boxford Parish Council asked the county council to resurface Broad Street and Ellis Street in black to match the surfaces on School Hill and in Stone Street Road.

But when the county council started resurfacing the roads on Thursday, parish councillors realised their request had been ignored.

Vice-chairman Michael Norman said: “We had a parish council meeting on Monday and we all expressed our disappointment with the finished road. It is not what we wanted.

“We did not feel it was necessary to have a heritage surface and, indeed, we were not even consulted about it. They didn’t even have the common courtesy to ask us in the first place.

“Our county councillor apologised unreservedly and he has assured us that the surface will dull down over time.”

Mr Norman, who previously worked in the road surfacing industry, said the village now had four different types of road surface.

“It’s looking a bit like a patchwork quilt,” he said. “The only good thing about it is that it will probably last a lot longer than the grey chip surface we had before.”

A county council spokeswoman said the road was always intended to have a “heritage dressing”.

She said the original mix up was due to the wrong surface chippings being used.

The contractor had acknowledged that the original work did not meet the required specification, and a letter explaining the issue had been sent to residents.