Third man accused in mansion raid said he was at home asleep

Home in Sible Hedingham where a man was shot ANL-160702-211528009
Home in Sible Hedingham where a man was shot ANL-160702-211528009

The third man alleged to have been involved in the burglary at the £3 million Essex mansion where an insurance executive was shot told the court he was asleep during the attack.

Kalebh Shreeve, 24, of Gibson Road, Sible Hedingham, told the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court that he was “asleep in bed” at the time of the shooting which left victim Timothy Mardon with serious leg injuries.

Shreeve said the alleged gunman Charlie Simms had turned up at the home of the other accused, Christopher Bergin with a double barrelled shotgun persuading him to take part “in the robbery.”

However, Shreeve said he wasn’t asked by Simms and, in fact, didn’t like being around him.

“He scared me,” he told the court.

Mr Mardon, 51, was shot through his locked bedroom door at The Old Rectory, Sible Hedingham, at around 4am on February 6 this year and a Tudor Heritage watch worth 3,000 dollars and cash was stolen.

Simms, 22, of North Road, Great Yeldham, denies attempted murder.

Simms, Bergin, 28 of Hawkwood Road, Sible Hedingham and Shreeve, all deny aggravated burglary, wounding with intent, possessing a firearm while committing an offence and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Shreeve said at around 1am on February 6 he had taken a female and Bergin back to Bergin’s home and Simms turned up about 15 minutes after they arrived.

He said: “He seemed very excited and pulled a gun out from his jacket. He put it on the bed and said to CJ (Bergin) about doing the Old Rectory saying: ‘Let’s do the mansion - go and rob it.’

“He (Bergin) didn’t really want to do it, he wanted to stay with the female. I wasn’t there long because I had a phone call from a friend.”

He said Simms didn’t ask him to take part in the raid. He told the court he was “relieved” he’d got the phone call as it was “an opportunity to leave,” but added that Simms told him to “wait there”.

He said he told him he would wait in the car. He told the court that when Simms joined him with the shotgun, he told Simms him to leave the gun behind. However, he said Simms threatened to “nut him.”

Shreeve said that in the end he finally went home about 2.45am.

“I didn’t want to be around Charlie with a gun. I went to bed,” he said.

“I woke up the following morning about 8am when my mum came in and said someone’s been shot at the mansion. I couldn’t believe it, but I had a rough thought I knew who it was.”

Earlier, Shreeve told how he had been sacked as a gardener from the Old Rectory two years before but said it “didn’t bother him.”

The hearing continues.