Teenagers accused of injuring park rabbits

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The founders of a rabbit welfare charity have spoken of their outrage after one of their animals died following an attack.

Christian and Emily Hauth run Sudbury-based Odies Warren for Rabbits. The charity acts as a retreat for bunnies that have been abandoned or neglected and need rehoming.

The couple keep six rabbits in pens at pets corner in Belle Vue Park, Sudbury, where they can be enjoyed by children and visitors.

Last week, a number of the rabbits were hurt, and George, a nine-year-old rabbit, had to be put down due to the severity of his injuries.

Mr Hauth, who operates the charity with his wife from their home in Second Avenue, said it appeared people had entered the pens and attacked the animals.

“We think kids, most likely teenagers, are getting into the pens and doing this,” said the 40-year-old, who works at Delphi Diesel Systems, in Newton Road.

“One of the rabbits had his jaw broken and was so badly hurt he had to be put down.”

Another rabbit appeared to have sustained kicks, and needed veterinary treatment to fix damaged teeth.

Mrs Hauth said others had suffered cuts to their backs, which were likely to be caused by getting caught on the pen cages while being chased around.

“It is disgusting what is happening because pets corner is part of Sudbury and has been there for years,” said Mrs Hauth, 37. “These people obviously have nothing better to do.”

Mr Hauth said if the attacks continued, he would be forced to remove the rabbits.

“We don’t want to do that but we might have to,” he said.