Teen leaps into action to help collapsed man

READY FOR ACTION: Luke Stone, who used his first aid training to help a man.
READY FOR ACTION: Luke Stone, who used his first aid training to help a man.

Faced with a man lying semi-conscious on the floor and with no-one around to help, 16-year-old Luke Stone knew just what to do.

Having just completed a first aid course, the teenager stepped into action and put what he had learnt into practice, potentially saving the man’s life.

“I was going back home when I saw him lying on the ground with white stuff coming from his mouth,” said Luke, from Cornard Road in Sudbury.

“I called 999, saw he was vomiting and then put him in the recovery position. I kept him alert by asking questions and found out he was diabetic, so was probably having a diabetic fit.”

The drama on January 17 came exactly a week after Luke, who is hoping to become a barber, attended a first aid course run by Catch 22 at the Delphi Centre.

The charity, which works with young offenders on community projects, put on the event with the Red Cross to teach teenagers how to deal with bleeds, burns and basic first aid. Luke was one of 10 who went along.

“I don’t think I would have been able to do what I did if I hadn’t been on the course,” he said.

“It’s weird to think that I potentially saved his life. It felt good to be able to do something.

“I went on the course because I thought it would be good for my CV and something to add to my attributes. I think it is something that everyone should do.”

Louise Barnett, a reparations officer at Catch 22, said she was “immensely proud” of what Luke had done.

“Sometimes when you run these courses the teenagers sit there and you can’t tell if the information is going in,” she said. “But when something like this happens, it shows it is having an impact and it is really positive.”