Survey shows teens shop elsewhere

TEENAGERS say they never shop on Sudbury market - and they prefer to go to other towns to find a better variety of fashion and other shops, according to a survey of 14 to 17 year olds.

At night there is hardly anything for them to do and, according to the majority of Sudbury Upper students who took part in the questionnaire about the town centre, a cinema desperately needs to be built.

The survey was done as part of the town’s bid to get a £100,000 government grant called “Portas Pilots” named after the retailing expert Mary Portas. She inspired the initiative after making a series of recommendations to the government about revitalising run-down towns with empty shops. Twelve towns in the country will benefit from the money.

More than 50 students at the Tudor Road school completed the survey asking questions like how often they visited Sudbury and when, what is good and bad about the town centre, and if they felt welcome in town.