Surprising finds at Bulmer dig

Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

A recent archaeological excavation at Goldingham Hall in Bulmer revealed some interesting finds, including a carved stone face.

The dig, led by Stour Valley Community Archaeology group and supervised by Dr Carenza Lewis, famous for her work on Channel 4’s Time Team, took place over the last two weekends in May.

The site was chosen after geophysical surveys revealed some interesting features at the site.

Discovered under the hall’s grounds was a food preparation area, with six bread ovens, thought to be from the late Anglo-Saxon or Norman times.

Many finds were uncovered, including a medieval arrowhead and a surprising flint face found at the bottom of a post hole, possibly left as a good luck charm.

As the new group’s first dig, member Laure Bonner said: “I couldn’t be more proud of how our amateur group coped with this six-day, large-scale excavation.

Mrs Bonner said the group would be doing more research at the site.

As part of the dig, an open day was held where more than 50 people attended, several signing up to become members.

“It was an incredibly successful event,” said Mrs Bonner.

“Community archaeology groups like ours give people the opportunity to come together to learn new physical and manual skills and discover something new.”