Suffolk crime falls

CRIME in Suffolk has fallen for the sixth consecutive year.

Figures released from Police, from April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, show there were 45,641 crimes recorded in Suffolk – 716 fewer crimes than in the same period last year.

As well as the decrease in overall crime across the county the latest figures also show:

Domestic burglary has decreased by two per cent (99 fewer crimes);

Vehicle crime also decreased by two per cent (88 fewer crimes);

Criminal damage saw a decrease of 11 per cent (1112 fewer crimes); with incidents of arson also seeing a decrease of 11 per cent (56 fewer crimes);

Robbery, which is a priority for the force increased by nine per cent (28 more crimes) but solved robbery incidents increased by 19 per cent (15 more crimes);

Violence against the person saw a small decrease of 23 crimes but an increase in the amount of cases solved by one per cent (37 more crimes.

Assistant chief constable Paul Marshall said: “It is extremely pleasing that for the sixth consecutive year overall crime has fallen across the county.

“Suffolk Constabulary continues to face significant challenges as we look to make financial savings over the coming years. In the last year we have made savings of almost £5million whilst retaining a strong visible front-line presence in the county.

“Robberies remain an area of concern and in view of the upturn in offences Suffolk Police Authority has determined this to be a top priority for the force this year.”

Joanna Spicer, Chairman of Suffolk Police Authority said: “This is very encouraging news. We are facing very challenging times financially and this decrease in crime figures across the county reflects our endeavours to secure an efficient and effective policing service for Suffolk and remain one of the lowest cost forces in the country.”