Sudbury town clerk was dismissed for ‘mismanagement’ of finances

SACKED FOR HER ACTION: Former Sudbury Town Council clerk Sue Brotherwood.
SACKED FOR HER ACTION: Former Sudbury Town Council clerk Sue Brotherwood.

The decision to sack Sudbury Town Council’s clerk was brought about after serious breaches of the authority’s procedures, including misuse of public funds.

Sue Brotherwood was suspended from her position just before Christmas and sacked last month following an internal investigation.

In a statement handed to the Free Press by Sudbury mayor Adrian Osborne, on behalf of the council, it revealed that Mrs Brotherwood, clerk for 20 years, was relieved of her role on the grounds of gross misconduct.

“Mrs Brotherwood disregarded approved procedures, misused public funds by making unauthorised loans to herself and staff, failed to operate financial controls and acted in breach of the council’s policy on whistle blowing and persistently breached confidentiality,” the statement read.

“She also failed to explain financial transactions and mismanaged council finances by failing, when asked, to inform councillors of any problems.”

Mrs Brotherwood, who lives in Melford Road and was four years away from retirement, has already admitted she broke the council’s whistle blowing policy due to her behaviour when she was asked to leave the town hall on December 23.

Speaking to the Free Press, the 61-year-old said the council had not lost any money through her actions.

“I accept that I worked outside council policy, but what I did was in the best interests of staff,” she Mrs Brotherwood.

“The main point is the council has not lost any money.”