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Sudbury town and district councillor steps down

David Holland.
David Holland.

A Sudbury town and district councillor has resigned from both of his roles, stating he felt he could no longer complete the goals he set out to deliver when he entered local government.

David Holland submitted his resignation to Babergh District Council on Thursday and also stepped down from Sudbury Town Council, which has given notice for the vacancy to be filled.

In an open letter written to the Babergh District Conservative Group, Mr Holland said he believed he had little chance to effectively address issues he had identified with the district council.

“Recent events have resulted in me being in a position wherein I cannot achieve any of the objectives I came into local government to help deliver,” he wrote.

“I am flattered that the leader offered me the role of vice-chairman of scrutiny, but, sadly, I see this as a recipe for becoming negative and problematic to the council. This is the antithesis of my intentions.”

Mr Holland went on to say that his choices were either to take on a huge workload while making himself “ever more unpopular” with Babergh’s cabinet members, or do nothing, which he thought was “unconscionable”.

He continued: “As I believe I have little chance of working effectively and positively to remedy such issues, it is best that I step down and make way for someone who can.

“In so doing, my replacement will have nearly two years to get something worthwhile done before the 2019 election.”

In a separate letter to Sudbury Town Council, Mr Holland further explained that he felt sidelined by recent events at Babergh District Council, stating he had “been kept out of the loop” on developing district council proposals relating to Sudbury.

He said: “This renders me ineffective and, for me, there is no point occupying a seat on any council if I cannot deliver for those who elected me.

“I am also very uncomfortable that district council decisions that I expect to come forward in the near future will run contrary to my manifesto pledges, a situation I find untenable.

“All of these points and many more tell me that it is time to step aside and, in so doing, I wish you all every success in your endeavours.

“I remain committed to seeing the right outcomes for the town I chose to become the hub of my life.

“Going forward, I will simply work for the best interests of Sudbury in a different way.”

The town council said an election would be held to fill the vacant seat if a request is made in writing to the returning officer at Babergh District Council, Corks Lane, Hadleigh, IP7 6SJ by Thursday, July 6.

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