Sudbury paving is dangerous

THE “patchwork quilt” of paving that lines Sudbury’s streets is putting people at risk of falls, according to town councillors.

Photographs taken by councillor Peter Gray and viewed during a meeting of Sudbury’s future task group showed more than 15 variations of paving around the town centre.

Mr Gray said the council should look into adopting a standard type of concrete or stone in the town, and John Sayers agreed, claiming the area was becoming a “patchwork quilt”.

Speaking at Tuesday’s meeting, Jan Osborne said: “There is a real mix and match and we need a consistent approach for when paving is replaced or repaired.”

Sudbury mayor Jack Owen said he believed the difference in surfaces had contributed to a number of falls.

“We have had some falls by elderly people and I think this adds to the problem,” he said.

“Some places in the town centre are dangerous.”

Members of the group plan to contact officers at Suffolk County Council to discuss the matter.