Sudbury nursery is rated as outstanding

OVERJOYED: Staff and pupils at Anglia Sunshine Nurseries celebrate their outstanding Ofsted report.
OVERJOYED: Staff and pupils at Anglia Sunshine Nurseries celebrate their outstanding Ofsted report.

A nursery in Sudbury has embraced modern technology to help it achieve successive outstanding Ofsted reports.

Anglia Sunshine Nurseries, based on the Chilton industrial estate, has received a second outstanding report from education inspector Ofsted.

Particular praise was given to the nursery’s use of modern technology to monitor children’s progress.

The nursery, which was given outstanding in every category, has been using tablets to record the work and achievements of its children.

Nursery manager Jaena Nabi said: “All our learning is through play. The new system is used to monitor these play activities.”

In her report, inspector Lynn Hughes described the programme as “a highly-effective system for assessing progress”.

New regulations have tightened inspection criteria – something Mrs Nabi said made the nursery’s achievement even more special.

She attributed the nursery’s success “to my staff and their hard work”.

The report itself commented that the quality of teaching was exemplary and complemented the “comprehensive systems for observing and assessing children’s progress”.

Also praised was the “effective identification of children’s next steps in learning” and the “extremely strong partnerships” between the nursery, parents and schools.

As a treat for the children, the nursery owner has agreed to pay for a trip to the cinema, with delighted parents in attendance.

One happy mother, Joanna Bradshaw, posted a message on the nursery’s Facebook page, saying: “Of course you got outstanding, because the nursery is amazing.

“Well done to you all. I’m proud our children are with you.”

Mrs Nabi said: “It’s been lovely. Lots of parents have rung up and put congratulations on our Facebook page.”

She added: “The children are really excited about their treat.”

The nursery, which employs 23 staff and looks after 89 children, was inspected on:

l How well early years provision met the needs of the range of children

l The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children

l The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision.

Rated as outstanding in all categories, the nursery was advised only to further its already “superb” provision for maths, while the management was described as “inspiring”.

In her report, the inspector said: “The nursery manager is highly-skilled at motivating her team and encouraging them to work to exceptionally high standards.”

The nursery now has the tough task of maintaining these high standards but Mrs Nabi said: “We will just keep doing what we are doing.”