Sudbury horse, Winston, was a “gentle giant”

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A POPULAR “gentle giant” who roamed Sudbury’s water meadows has died.

Winston, a towering Clydesdale horse who grazed near Brundon Hall with his owner Madeleine Turner-Ryall’s mini-Shetland pony Noah for four years, died from an infection last month, aged 24.

He had proved a popular attraction for people enjoying the water meadows and photographers keen to capture this “little and large” act.

“He was photographed by hundreds of people from all over the world,” said Miss Turner-Ryall, who bought Winston 10 years ago.

“He was a total gentle giant – you could put a two-year-old child on his back and he would just stand there. He loved attention and he was so kind.”

Miss Turner-Ryall said that shortly after his death, a Tornado fighter jet flew over the field on its way to an air show.

“It was just like he had a fly past,” she said. “It was an amazing send off for Winston.”