Sudbury homes plan is refused

RESIDENTS are celebrating after plans for 43 homes in an area of Sudbury plagued by traffic problems were refused.

Members of Babergh District Council’s development committee voted unanimously against an application by Sandhurst Newhomes for the houses and four commercial units near Brundon Lane and Bulmer Road.

Speaking at yesterday’s meeting, Sandy Lane Association Action Group member Nina Ford said the development was too cramped and would amplify existing issues caused by lorries and traffic from the nearby recycling centre and Rontec Butler fuel depot.

“Both of these roads are country lanes, but from 6am to the late evening they are used by heavy goods vehicles weighing up to 42 tonnes and as high as a two-storey house,” she said.

“Those vehicles would go within feet of the bedroom windows of the proposed houses.

“Our children are subjected to constant dangers and we live in daily fear of accidents,” added Miss Ford.

She explained that the group was not opposed to development of the site but said it needed to be more sympathetic.

“The overwhelming majority of residents want to see a development that addresses local issues and encourages a sense of pride in our local area,” she said.

Peter Beer, committee chairman and ward member for the area, also opposed the development.

“I wouldn’t be adverse to having housing there but they would have to be better designed and of better quality,” he said. “We don’t need to cram them in there.”

Councillor Ray Smith added that he believed the proposed houses could be hit by flooding in the event of heavy rain as the area had already experienced this in the past.

Permission for 48 homes on the site was refused in 2008 over similar concerns relating to density, scale and provision of affordable housing.

Sudbury Town Council had recommended refusal of the latest plans due to a lack of playgrounds and open space, while 17 letters of objection had been written.

Councillor Adrian Osborne said: “I’m totally against the lack of open space there – developers should be more mindful of the fact we haven’t got any open space in Sudbury.”

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