Sudbury GCSE results challenge

Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

A headteacher of a secondary school in Sudbury has refused to give full figures for the school’s GCSE results after questioning more than 100 marks from one examination board.

Caroline Wilson, principal at Ormiston Sudbury Academy said a detailed view of results would not be made available until the “big challenge” was sorted.

There are 158 students in the year group with potentially 112 students affected by the challenges.

“There’s something not quite right with one board,” Mrs Wilson said.

“We are looking at the whole range, from A* to E.

“This is about all my children. Where we have got anomalies we are questioning it -If they are an A* student and have got an A we are checking it.”

Mrs Wilson said there had been several challenges across the country and said the school was speaking to students who may be affected by the exams in question.

This included those going to other colleges and 6th Forms, and Mrs Wilson ensured the relevant bodies had been informed.

“They know we are looking into these grades,” she said.

The school has set a deadline of September 2, to find out if the marks will be changed.

“We are challenging some grades and will therefore release final figures when these have been received,” said Mrs Wilson.

Mrs Wilson admitted the “anomalies” had impacted on the level of progress, which she said could be significantly improved, and on the levels for students on free school meals.

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