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Sudbury factory opens door to pets

Nestl� Purina in Sudbury has begun at pets at work scheme. ANL-160712-112509001
Nestl� Purina in Sudbury has begun at pets at work scheme. ANL-160712-112509001

Workers at a Sudbury factory will soon be able to take their pets into work as part of a new scheme.

Nestlé Purina Pet Food Factory has launched a ‘Pets at Work’ scheme, setting a record as the first Nestlé Purina factory in the UK to open their doors to pets in the workplace.

Teams from the factory have been working to make the administration block a dog-friendly office space, where employees and their pets can work together happily and safely.

Kevin Shrimpton, manager for the Sudbury factory said: “We are delighted to be able to offer pets at work as a benefit to our employees.

“We know, modern life can mean we spend more and more time at work and have less social time. Having pets at work is one of the ways in which we can enjoy the companionship of pets and reap the benefits, we cannot recommend it enough and look forward to seeing the ‘Pawgramme’ grow.”

As a nation of dog lovers, a recent survey from Purina, Nestlé’s pet food company, revealed that one in two Britons would happily take their dog to work if allowed.

The programme in Sudbury will enable workers to take their dog to work, following a successful behavioural assessment to ensure their pet is socialised and will feel settled when in the building.

Crystal Butler, safety, health and environment manager for the Sudbury factory said: “It is a fantastic achievement for us to be able to launch our scheme.

“We believe that people and pets are better together and what better way to ignite this belief than to invite our pets in.”

For more information on the pets at work programme at Nestlé Purina, visit www.purina.co.uk/meet-purina/pets-at-purina-offices.

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