Stunning submissions for art task

TOP EFFORT: Peter Gray's The Talbot Trail.
TOP EFFORT: Peter Gray's The Talbot Trail.

Thomas Gainsborough, the water meadows and even Pongo from 101 Dalmations all featured prominently in submissions for Sudbury’s health centre artwork competition.

Naomi McIlroy, from Cavendish Road in Clare, was named as the winner of the contest with her piece Meadow Walk, which will go in the atrium of the centre when it opens in Church Field Road in the autumn.

The quality of the entries gave judges a tough choice in selecting work worthy of the £5,000 top prize and they could not split Sudbury town councillor Peter Gray and Debbie Wendt, from 
Ipswich, who came joint second.

Mr Gray, from Gainsborough Street, said his submission, The Talbot Trail, was inspired by the colourful characters of the town’s heritage.

“It represents an imaginary parade along Market Hill, including Boudicca, Amicia de Clare, Simon of Sudbury, Will Kemp, Mr and Mrs Gainsborough, a dancing bear, the running boy, the Great Blondid and Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmations,” he said.

“All are led by the Talbot dog, an ancient symbol of Sudbury, and in the background are St Peter’s and Sudbury Library, both buildings very much loved by the community.”

Other entrants included Pebmarsh’s Valerie Robertson’s Passion in Colour, featuring a section of the river by The Croft, and a painting by Elizabeth Martland De Alwis, from Boxford, who combined images of some of Sudbury’s finest architecture with its water meadows.

Robert Pewsey, who lives in Glemsford, chose to depict the view looking along the Belchamp brook valley towards Sudbury, while Katie Green, from Sudbury, focused on well-known beauty spot Spouses Vale in Assington.

“I feel my painting conveys a sense of calm, and creates a feeling of well-being, while the winding path invites you in to the scene to explore,” said Mrs Green.