Students set for English exams retake

Pupils who got lower than anticipated grades in their English GSCE exams are preparing for their resits.

A number of students, aged 16 and 17, at the Sudbury Ormiston Academy and Thomas Gainsborough School, will retake exams next month.

The exams will be free to sit following a change in the marking system which saw pupils who sat the GCSE English tests in January graded more generously than those who sat the exam in the summer.

This meant many students received a grade D for the same standard of work as had been given a grade C earlier in the year.

Around 45,000 teenagers are due to take resits, with 16 pupils from the Sudbury Ormiston Academy in Tudor Road among them.

“We offered resits to everyone and the option was taken up by some,” said headteacher Caroline Wilson.

“Hopefully they will take this opportunity to get the grades they want.”

An estimated one in 14 pupils across the country will be retaking their assessments, but only three are studying for the exams at the Thomas Gainsborough School.

“All are perfectly prepared and are expected to get the grades required this time around,” said headteacher Wayne Lloyd.

“We were not as affected as many schools and pupils who were still went on to do the courses they had hoped.”

Commenting on the Free Press facebook page Matthew Myp said it was “unjust” pupils had to face resits. “They should all have their papers remarked and be given the grades they should have got.”