StreetWatch for Cornard

A police and community partnership scheme aimed at enhancing residents’ quality of life will launch in Great Cornard next week.

StreetWatch involves volunteers carrying out patrols in order to promote good citizenship and support a stronger community. The initiative was taken up by the newly-formed Neighbourhood Watch in Spicers Walk and will officially launch at the Stevenson Centre at 7pm on Wednesday.

The scheme aims to benefit communities and police are keen to stress the patrols will not replace officers on the frontline.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Marshall said: “To be clear, the volunteers will not be policing. They will be walking their areas and engaging with local youths or people, where appropriate and when it is safe to do so.

“They will have phones and will be an intelligence-sharing operation. It is not a licence for vigilantism.”

A minimum of six volunteers aged between 18 and 75 are needed for the scheme and these residents will walk their nearby streets in pairs, wearing high-visibility jackets.

Sgt Sarah Shrubshall, Suffolk co-ordinator for StreetWatch, which started in Ipswich earlier this month, said: “We’ve had a good initial response from Ipswich residents and we’re confident those in Great Cornard will also take to the scheme in a bid to enhance the quality of life around their houses and communities.”

“With budget cuts to come we have to look at innovative ways of doing things and involving willing residents to help keep their communities safe.”

Anyone who is interested in joining or forming a StreetWatch in their neighbourhood should email or for further information, visit