Street drinking order introduced

Extra powers to tackle street drinking and its associated problems are now in force in Hadleigh.

The scheme, which allows police to confiscate alcohol from people drinking in the town, was implemented on Christmas Eve.

It is hoped the order will help curb alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour.

Hadleigh district councillor Brian Riley said it was “fantastic” the powers had finally come into force after years of discussions.

“The order was first brought up in 2007 and I’m glad we got there in the end,” he said.

“It has dragged on for a long time, but the police are happy with it and it is about educating people and keeping the town safe.

“Hopefully, it will reduce the few disturbances that we have and is another weapon in the police’s armoury.”

Town councillors gave the order their backing earlier this year, although plans to introduce the powers in Sudbury were rebuffed despite requests from Inspector Paul Crick.

Paul Little, a project officer at Babergh District Council, who has worked to bring the order to fruition, said he believed it would make a difference.

“This is a practical measure and will make a significant difference to public drinking, especially mixed groups of over and under 18s,” he said.

“Hadleigh is not a disorderly town, but this will further drive down problems. It is not a blanket ban, but a discretionary power.”