Stop hiding behind those piles of cash and spend some

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I SEE more than £500,000 remains unallocated for recreation projects in the Babergh district.

It’s about time those who sit about in the council chamber and offices in Hadleigh start doing something useful.

Yes, there are rules laid down as to how it must be spent (it is given to the authority by builders and individuals to offset the impact of major developments) but how hard can it be to spend money?

First step? GET out of the council chamber, GO to the places where the money is for and actually ASK the people living there what they want it spent on. Rocket science it is not.

Then, see it spent and give yourselves a massive pat on the back for helping people get what they want.

IT was nice to see my old school mate David Lever up in his cherry picker sorting out Sudbury’s Christmas lights display ready for the switch on next week.

My town’s late-night Christmas event is always a great night out, whether it’s freezing cold or a pleasantly “mild for this time of year” kind of evening.

You see people you haven’t seen for months as you queue up for the Rotary Club chestnuts and the lights are tasteful and not overdone.

Yes, it gets busy, and you can push and shove your way around the stalls in St Peter’s, but in these times when everyone seems to be moaning about something, isn’t it nice to take a few hours out and savour the forthcoming season?

See you there.

I appreciate the tough economic conditions and the fact that businesses everywhere are struggling.

But could they not save themselves a few pounds by turning off their lights at night?

Walking home from Sudbury town centre in the early hours with a pal recently I was astonished at how many businesses left their lights on over night.

Some leave them all on and some leave a few spotlights on. Why?

Surely turning them off would reduce an electricity bill?

AND finally, in response to my former editor Ken Watkin’s recent quips about funny shop names, it got me thinking about one another former editor told me about ...

The late John Berrill saw a hairdresser’s in Ireland called Curl Up And Dye. Genius.