Staff come to aid of fall victim

AN elderly woman who collapsed at her home was rescued thanks to the quick-thinking actions of staff at a hairdressers.

The pensioner, who is in her 80s, was found at her home in Bures with a broken hip following a fall in the early hours of the morning.

She was only discovered after staff at Fanboo hair salon in Borehamgate, Sudbury, became worried when she failed to attend an appointment.

Manger Sue Sanders said: “She comes in every fortnight to get her hair done, but on this particular day she didn’t arrive.

“The staff know their customers very well and she has been coming here for five years. It just wasn’t like her.”

Staff member Ashlea Tunnicliffe called a neighbour to ask if she would check that everything was ok, but when she knocked on the door there was no answer.

“I just had a feeling something wasn’t right,” said Ashlea, 24.

“I was starting to panic about her but was really shocked when the neighbour went round the back of her house and found her collapsed upstairs.”

It is thought the woman had been on the floor for around 12 hours, having collapsed at 2am. She was in too much pain to get to a telephone.

Mrs Sanders said she was proud of her staff for “going beyond the call of duty”, adding that they had sent a get well card to the woman as she recovers in Colchester Hospital.

“We could have left it when she didn’t come in but I’m very glad we didn’t,” she said.